Exploiting Time-lost Proto Drake


bandiera italia

We’ll now see how to exploit the killing of this mofo.

Let’s see who he is:


Yes, he is him, we all know. What we don’t know is where exacly he spawns. Well, I know where he spawn and i’m gonna tell you all i know about this fat brownie flying-thingy. But i wont end up there. I’ll give you an auto hotkey and the macro to make the TLPD call you when you are doing something else like watching tv or… well… you know what. Still, without the risk of being permabanned, since what we are gonna do is not illegal.
This way u’ll have your TLPD spending no real life time on it.
Let’s go then.

Where you are supposed to wait for him


You are supposed to wait for him where the red dot is, since he spawns in the space between the land and the Ulduar isle, where he cannot be pulled, where the green dot is. There are air elementals, worms and a big statue where the red dot is, can’t miss it. Watchout, when you wait for him, stay on your flying mount and fly at least at 50y from the ground: that’s because other faction can kill you and you are gonna lose your TLPD.
So, stay there and… next step!

Make your Macro!

Time to create an ingame macro! Yay!
The standard macro is:

/tar Vyragosa
/tar Time

That’s because the Time-lost proto drake shares the spawn with Vyragosa, another rare drake who NOT drops any mount. So why you should keep tracks of him? Because they spawn in 6 hours cycle.
Let me explain better: every 6 hours Vyragosa or TLPD have chance to spawn. That’s not like to say they spawn for sure, just they can spawn. BUT STILL, every six hours approx. So, if Vyragosa spawns, you can be absolutely sure you wont see any TLPD in the next 6 hours. Another important thing to know, is that TLPD has 1/5 chances to spawn on Vyragosa.
So we can say we have 1 chance on 6 we can see a TLPD every six hours.
Why 6? One hypotesys is that nothing will spawn :V

So, a step backwards to our macro.
Our macro will be this and you HAVE TO BIND IT TO F12 key:

/tar Vyra
/tar Time
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav”)
/tell <Your Character Name> > %t <

This macro will call you having Ragnaros yelling “DIE INSECT!” from your spakers.
You can change this sound if u mind it adding the path of your audio file to play this way:


This “Interface\\AddOns\\MyAddOn\\mysound.wav” is like if we write “c:\programs\World of warcraft\interface\addons\myaddons\mysound,wav”, so you can easly change your audio file editing you macro.

Download the autokey File!

Autokey is a software that simulates the human keypressing. It is not legal, but still is not detectable by Blizzard since is not writing on the memory, is not hacking the game, is not doing anything except pressing keys for you!
So relax :V
All the auto key is going to do is spamming the macro for you, advicing via speakers and via self-/tell if the Time-lost Proto drake or Vyragosa are in range.

Download from:  TLPD

Change the file name if you feel to. That’s not a deal and wont affect anything.


So, what the heck should i do?

Now all you have to do is just start the autokey you just downloaded, log in world of warcraft, create the macro you read before, bind it to F12 key (that’s because F12 is unbound as standard), go where the red dot is on the map some lines above, and watch TV! You’ll hear from speakers if TLPD spawned! :V
I use it from office while working tbh :V

Comment and share this pls! ❤



20 Responses to “Exploiting Time-lost Proto Drake”

  1. Hey, the warlock with t6 in the last picture is me 😀 a clear statement in my blog’s footer says you’re not allowed to use any of its content, bad boy.

    Btw I found my time-lost on 24th of November just using /tar time, a little effort and you can have it without cheating 😉

    Good luck

  2. adrelius Says:

    Hey iria!
    Too bad i’m not allowed to use that pic, was really a nice one! Tbh i posted it without intending to damage you, i just searched google images.

    Anyway, i’ll replace the pic as soon as possible!

    Thx 4 good luck, same whishes to you.


  3. Oh lol np, you can keep using it 😀
    It was just not meant to be used without permission on other blogs/sites

    Again good luck to everyone with the time-lost proto-drake!
    He’s sneaky but EXISTS, keep it up 😛

  4. Nice guide! only problem is link to TLPD says access denied upon attempting to DL from FP. 😦

  5. adrelius Says:

    Hei c0ke,
    i’m sorry to say the link is correctly working 😦

    Maybe FP solved an internal error, because now it’s 100% working.

    Tell me if you still have problems, i’ll send u a different link ^_^


  6. HGbuttent Says:

    good morning…im also searching the tlpd for months now and im really frustrated so i want to test that hotkey…but how can i bind the macro to f12?

  7. Hei HGbuttent!

    Binding a key is really simple:

    – Put the macro you created in Bar 1 at the slot of number 1 button
    – Press ESC, then choose “Key Bindings”
    – Scroll down until you reach Action Button 1
    – Click the red button where you can read “not bound”
    – Now click F12.

    If you did this correctly, instead of “not bound” you should read “F12”. Now, Hotkey will spam for you the button numer 1, bound with the F12 key.

    That’s all.

    Ofc you can choose another bar instead of the Bar1 and the Button1, just scroll down the Key Bindings menu and choose.


  8. HGbuttent Says:

    ok thanks for that…the macro is on number 1, the second button is f12…i have started the programm but it does not do anything?do i see it when he spamms f 12 or numer 1?

  9. adrelius Says:

    If i understood, you now have your macro on first slot of the first Action bar AND you have that macro bound to 2 keys: Number 1 and F12.

    To check if u did correctly, target anything you see, yourself too. If your speakers start to “call you” then is ok. Clear the focus so you have nothing in target, and wait for the macro to target TLPD 🙂

  10. HGbuttent Says:

    hello again…i have checked the fuction of my hotkey or the macro and when i tip pin the macro for example /tar sturmreiter, there is no sound and i only get one in my target…besides it comes a windwo with the following text:
    /script PlaySoundFile(”Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav”):1. unexpected symbol near?
    also it says in the chat there is no char online which is called …
    please help me im a noob^^ xD
    sry for my bad english…im german…could it be a reason that the hotkey isnt very good working?
    thanks for your help

  11. HGbuttent Says:

    *the german edition and the german realm i mean^^
    can i even surf (minimize) while the program is spamming the macro or must i be in wow? if i can minimize the game, do i hear the sound when 1 of the 2 rare mobs is in the target?

  12. adrelius Says:

    hei HG!
    The hotkey is working fine, mate. The problem is the macro for sure, just check you wrote it correcly 🙂

    Especially the line (must be in the same line, no returns):

    /script PlaySoundFile(”Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav”)

    About the problem of the character not found, is because you have to replace with your name. For example, if your name is HGbuttent, you shoud write in the macro as it follows:

    /tell Hgbuttent > %t <

    Let me know… 🙂

  13. HGbuttent Says:

    ahh in the same lines ok i see
    ok but i typed my char name in there…mh but its not very important isn’t it?
    thanks for your help man 🙂

  14. HGbuttent Says:

    I use it from office while working tbh :V
    do you have your tlpd already?
    do i hear the sound even when i have minimized wow? for example to surf in the internet?

  15. HGbuttent Says:

    mhh the same problem…
    /script PlaySoundFile(”Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav”):1. unexpected symbol near?
    but that audio is already there or do i have to download it from somewhere?

  16. HGbuttent Says:

    also, im saying
    \\RagnarosSlay01.wav”) when i press the macro and get sth in my target

  17. Lovergurl Says:

    I’ve seen that dragon pop up in a different area before so its got multiple spawn areas but the bad part about that is that you don’t know where it will pop up at. I’ve been sitting in one spot for 2 days now, and this other player said “Hey guys, guess what i got, the time lost mount from that dragon. Yeah i just found it over by Brunnhildar village”. So I’m kind of bummed that it didn’t spawn where u said it would be, but i’ll keep trying.

  18. boingboing Says:

    heres the working macro with sound 😉

    /tar Vyra
    /tar Time
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /script PlaySound(“LEVELUPSOUND”);
    /tell YOURNAME > %t <

    you can choose sound here http://www.wowwiki.com/API_PlaySound
    just copy the name and replace with the levelupsound

  19. adrelius Says:

    Thx boingboing for your contribute 🙂

    For those who are saying that there’s a trojan in the autohotkey file… you clearly haven’t the fucking idea of what autohotkey is 😀

    The file is more than safe, some antivirus can list ANY autohotkey file as trojans.


  20. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good posts

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